About us

021Fran Griffen is a
NCAS EA level one coach and 3 star Natural Horsemanship instructor.

Fran has been involved in the equestrian industry for the past 30 years. She has worked in the thoroughbred industry and has been a very successful competitor in the sport of eventing as a junior and young rider. Fran studied with the EFA to become a coach in dressage and jumping and in 1986 became an accredited EFA coach.

In 1995, while still working as an EFA coach, Fran discovered the study of Natural Horsemanship through the teachings of Pat Parelli. She has been a student of natural horsemanship from that day. The improvement in her own horses was extraordinary and she found her students were also obtaining excellent results.

In 1997, Fran became an endorsed natural horsemanship coach with the Parelli organisation and reached the level of 3 star instructor. She also personally graduted level 3 in the Parelli program and the part of level 4.

In 2002 Fran pursued her natural horsemanship goals further, opening Hunter Natural Horsemanship Centre and began developing a simple and effective program for her students.

Fran now studies the work of instructors including Karen Rohlf (Dressage Naturally) and Tanja Mitton (Equestrian mindset), while incorporating knowledge from her EA training and work as an accredited dressage judge.

Fran continues to upgrade her own skills and is particularly interested in the application of natural horsemanship for performance horses, confidence building for riders and safe trail riding. Fran is now developing programs to teach her holistic approach to horse and rider growth and learning through her own program of combining Communication, Confidence and Connection.