Karen Rohlf

Karen visited Australia to train with Fran and some of her students in 2014.

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Fran Griffen with her horses and her students in my Dressage Naturally clinics. She is a perpetual student of the horse and has their best interest as her top priority. In observing and teaching her students it is clear that she is a skilled, empowering, and motivating instructor. I have had many of her students run through my live and virtual courses and they have arrived well prepared in their foundation, and ready to go!

She shows genuine compassion for both student and horse. I would not hesitate to recommend Fran as your coach, to learn how to have the partnership you dream of, and to let her help you establish a foundation that will serve you for the rest of your life." Karen Rohlf, instructor and owner of Dressage, Naturally


Liz 9312 low res

Fran knows what you need long before you do but is astute enough to let you work it out yourself and take pleasure in the discovery. That fine line between respect and fear eludes some so-called natural horse people but Fran gets it. I hated instructors - I would slink away feeling I would never be good enough. I walk away with a head full of possibilities when I have a lesson with Fran. I've learned to work slowly on the basics and then something that seems slow and hard becomes the norm. I don't regret the slowness, now I understand how important it is in learning. If my horse didn't do it I had failed but  now if he tries we have succeeded and I know we can do it. If he moves the wrong way he is asking me is that it. It is down to me to be clear and say thanks but, no, I wanted this. Focus is critical - if I lose it so do my guys. It's something to work on every day and some days are better than others. Energy, balance, position - check them and adjust. In my case no 3 is often causing issues with one and two. Breaking it up helped me understand that rather can giving me a huge shopping list of focus areas to fix all at once.   Liz Forster-Royce


Linda Fugi and Quilla

"My first lesson was with Fran in 1998. I had been riding competively for many years and& had started to look for alternative answers to my questions that my traditional style coach could not provide. Since that time, all those years ago, Fran is still my coach, but not only that, she has become a mentor and good friend.

"She has patiently assisted my journey thru all my horses - from the early days of me riding my tense warmblood "like a jockey" (and consequently achieving my Level 3 riding said horse round a crosscountry course bridless) to supervising the starting of my youngsters - Fugi, Willow and now Quilla.

"I am in awe of her ability to analyse horse behaviour and to provide practical solutions - often several alternatives, catering to the individual needs of both horse and owner. This is combined with progressive learning experiences offered to students by her collaborative work with the likes of Tanja Mitton (Olympic mind set coach) and international coachand founder of Dressage Naturally, Karen Rohlf. Fran fosters confidence in the student and provides ongoing support that they may develop their communication skills with their horses & have them for life. Than you Fran for all the wonderful journeys & those that are yet to come." Linda Merrilees


Kerrie Prince

"I have attended a number of Fran’s clinics including two of her 4 day Mindset and Confidence Courses that she shares with Tanja Mitton and one of her Dressage Naturally days. When I met Fran at my first clinic what stood out to me was her passion of horses and the people she instructed. She puts so much of her energy into helping horses and the people who want her invaluable knowledge which she so willingly gives out, she lives and breathes teaching and helping for the betterment of horses and their owners.

"I have been more than happy to make the 3 hour drive down from the Mid North Coast to attend Fran’s 4 day clinics and at times I have driven down just for the day as I have found Fran’s knowledge well worth the trip as I always come away from them feeling empowered and confident." Kerrie Prince

Melinda Windle

"My journey with Fran began two and a half years ago when I met one of her long time friends/student. I had ridden horses but only as a child and not for very long, then I got back into it 20 years later, I had had my own horse for 6 months but had no direction was just winging my way through it.

"When I met Fran, I felt at ease and so did my horse she showed my things I thought were not possible for the average person who knows very little about horses could achieve. We have come so far since meeting Fran and the rest of the HNHC clan who I have made great friends with and enjoy spending our group days together like a big family. The proof is in the pudding, from where we are now from where we have come is a huge achievement.

"I cannot thank Fran and the other HNHC students enough for the support and guidance I am looking forward to many more fun years to come doing what we do best enjoying time with our horses." Melinda Windle