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We have got this!

Relax, we have the plan for you to gain more Communication and Confidence with your horse. Step by Step and personal support.

Next Course Starts 1st  March 2018. The Foundation.



Get ready to transform your Communication, Connection and Confidence with horses.

As horse lovers and owners we know the joy that comes from connecting and loving these amazing creatures, but we also know the struggles that can arise as we begin to work with them and ride them. We simply don’t speak the same language.

I have been an equestrian coach for 30yrs and I know that success with horses always begins with a strong foundation. Too many students try to start in the middle and face frustration and failure.

So what is foundation?

It’s the base language, it is understanding, it is connection. Just understanding how to communicate clearly with your horse will set you on a strong path. Focusing on core foundational principles will give you the base you need to layer more intricate training on.

Clear communication also builds confidence in both horse and rider, because it develops a deeper sense of knowing. You know what to do, when to do it and why to do it. The horse knows he is safe, comfortable and capable of understanding your requests. Confidence from both parties builds a harmonious relationship.

This is why I have put this course together, to give you some solid foundational concepts. To build your communication, connection and confidence with horses.

What you will learn

  • How to overcome your own mental blocks that may be holding you back
  • Ground work skills to begin the connection and build communication
  • The secrets to building confidence and keeping it
  • A progressive riding program aimed at relaxation and understanding
  • Exercises to help horses travel in a relaxed and receptive manner
  • How to be a self-learner and problem solve along the way

What you will get

  • Plenty of training material in the form of videos and notes
  • A sequential module structure to work through
  • A full 6 months access to all the information
  • Access to monthly live calls for personal feedback
  • Access to a closed study group of students from the course
  • Changes in yourself and your horse that you didn’t even know were possible.

Is this course for you?

I have structured the course to cover a wide variety of students

  • Absolute Novice: the course starts with simple ground exercises and a strong focus on understanding the horse. Even with no horse experience you can start with this course.
  • Pleasure Riders: For you guys the emphasis is on pleasure, so you need a course that allows you to build a harmonious relationship with the horse and allow you to break through some of those niggling confidence issues. Yes this is for you
  • Intermediate Riders: You will appreciate the fresh approach this course brings, you have probably got quite a bit going, but you just want things a little lighter, more responsive and a strong platform to add more training. I know this will open some more doors for you.
  • Experienced Riders: You may use your horses for competition or for pleasure, but you are not looking so much for confidence, however you do know if you could fill in some little gaps, training would move along that bit quicker. I think you will be surprised at how valuable a foundation course can be for you, to fill in holes and evaluate your communication and connection.

WHY online, why 4 months?

I have been around for a while. I know what pressures you are under from everyday life.

Online delivery gives you time to fit some study in, away from the horse and around your everyday life. You can read the notes and watch the videos in preparation for your rides. You can plan your time and develop a strategy for improving your horsemanship.

The course is waiting for you when you are ready and you progress at your own speed.

The 4 month period is long enough to allow you to move through the entire course and also have some time to go back and revise certain sections, but is also not too long, to encourage you to put it off.

Your time is your own, the course is open to you for the full 4 months and you manage your own time. You start the course the day you sign up so you don’t have to wait for other students or a specific start date.

You are not on your own.

Training DVDs are good but they just can’t offer that extra personal touch and support.

In this course I am with you all the way. Every month you can join a live call on your computer. On this call I add content to the course and address personal concerns and questions from students in the course.

This support is necessary for your success, you need to be able to talk about your experiences and have your questions answered.

Support is also important from your fellow students, sharing experiences and successes. We have set up a private Facebook group to allow you to communicate with fellow members and discuss your experiences on the course.

So let’s get to it.

This course sells for just $900, [ equivalent lessons would cost well over $2500 ]


Course requirements

Register via our links. We will get in contact just before the course opens on 1st March 2017  and give you login details. The course will be open to you for four months to complete.

The course is hosted online. All of the content including the videos are viewed in your browser. Document can be downloaded and saved on your computer, put into cloud storage (Dropbox, Google drive, icloud) or external hard drive.

Activities, articles, worksheets and other documents in the course are presented as Adobe PDF files, except for one file which has the option of an interactive Word document.

A PDF viewer app is built into recent versions of the popular platforms: Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

Some web browsers (e.g. Chrome and Firefox) have their own built-in PDF viewers.

You also have the option to install the Adobe Reader application. (download for Windows, download for Mac )

The self-assessment tool in Module 1 can be downloaded as either a Microsoft Word interactive document (allowing you to fill in the form) or a pdf which can be printed and manually filled in.

Fran will host monthly conference calls, run via the Go To Meeting software. You will be emailed details on how to join the conference calls before they occur. For this you will need internet access and either a computer or lap top. A web cam is a bonus but is not necessary. You will be able to hear via your computer microphone. If you don’t have a computer or laptop available at the time of the conference you can dial in with your phone or mobile phone.

Required materials

  • A computer with high-speed internet access
  • A modern web browser. We test with the latest versions of: Chrome,Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Support for Adobe PDF documents (the latest version of Adobe Reader or Mac OS X Preview)
  • Temporary access to a video recorder such as a camcorder, cell phone, digital camera with video option, or webcam (recommended, but not required)
  • A horse you can train regularly

Required training equipment

  • a rope halter (preferred but not compulsory, any halter will be fine)
  • 12 foot rope lead with clip or snap
  • Training stick and string or long lunge stick.
  •  A saddle that fits your horse. It does not matter if it is a western, dressage or all-purpose saddle.
  • Bridle. This can be either bitless or regular. We prefer the use of a plain eggbutt or French snaffle if you are using a bit.

NOTE: All of the required equipment can be purchased from The Natural Equipment Company. Some of these items are also available in saddlery stores.

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If you have any questions about the course please email Fran on

If you have any technical issues or questions please email Kirsten on