Fran Says Archive

Fran Griffen from Hunter Natural Horsemanship Centre, NCAS EA level one coach and natural horsemanship instructor provides information and strategies to help you communicate with your horse, naturally.

Fran Says past issues

November 2017 - Help me, with my riding position

October 2017 - Help me, to understand ‘shoulder–in’

September 2017 - Help, my horse won't go through water.

August 2017 - Help, my horse carries his head up high!

July 2017 - Help! My horse won't canter!

June 2017 - Help! What length should my stirrups be?

May 2017 - Help! My horse won't stand when mounting!

April 2017 - Help! My horse has rain scald and mud fever!

March 2017 - Help! My horse won't bend!

February 2017 - Help! My horse won't go!

January 2017 - Help! My horse scares me to death!

December 2016 - Help! My horse won't tie up!

November 2016 - Help! My horse scrambles on the float!

October 2016 - Help! My horse won't leave his friends!

September 2016 - Help! My horse won't stop!

August 2016 - Help! My horse is biting me!

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