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“An inspired and thought provoking book that transcends discipline and promotes action. I love every single word “ ~ Kirsten
“Really relaxed reading style that makes you ask questions as you go. This book could help so many people “ ~ Paula

Whatever you do with horses you will love this book.

I wrote this for you because you are like me and we face all the same hurdles.

I  touch on  subjects that affect all horse owners. I provide  material that not only educates but empowers the reader to take action.

This is a book that you must have on your shelf or in your gear bag.

I offers the recipe for you to develop a stronger communication and
relationship with your horse, through practical lessons and action steps.
I  also take a trip  into the  rider’s mind and help unlock some limiting beliefs that slow us down.

You will find yourself  glued to the pages. You will be challenged to think and to take the action you need to reach your goals.

So go on ……. order a copy today.

It will be your first step to  more communication and confidence with your horse.