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Our Mission

To increase horse human communication, through clarity of body language, energy changes and intention. With the view of creating a harmonious and  calm life with horses and helping horses to live in harmony with people.Whether the goals are relationship or competitively based, communication, connection and confidence will serve both parties well.

Who we are

Hunter Natural Horsemanship Centre is a place for learning, self discovery and connection.
Whether you study with us in person or virtually through the online arena you will find HNHC to be a supportive and informative base for all your horse pursuits.

We cater for new and experienced owners, helping you at your level.

What we do

To truly understand them and work with them, we need to develop advanced communication skills that develop a partnership. This is what Fran does best. She will help you to learn the secrets of subtle soft communication with these beautiful animals.
Communication both on the ground and in the saddle.